Casanova numbers

The most beautiful numbers in Thailand! The ultimate statement of your taste, lifestyle, and success!!
Every number were chosen by its beauty and rarity It is tested the anyone older than 6 years old can remember it without using a pen or having to punch the numbers into his phone or PDA. The numbers so beautiful that people looks at it for a while before picking up for the first time. So beautiful that anyone who gets your namecard will think ... Wait!! Is this April fool 's day? The perfect gift for any occasion, and anyone. The way to let others know that you have made it to the top.


Price 30,000,000 baht

Rent 300,000 baht / monthd


Rent 9,000 baht / month

The most beautiful six digits number.

When the receiver gets your SMS it will appear +6686x666666 WOW !!!!

Super VIP numbers

( 4 digits )

081 & 089 or Four 8 & Four 9

Price 80,000 baht

Rent 1,500 baht / month

Price 60,000 baht

Rent 1,200 baht / month

Price 60,000 baht

Price 50,000 baht

Price 55,000 baht

Price 50,000 baht

Price 50,000 baht

Price 50,000 baht



Price 79,000 baht

Rent 1,400 baht / month

Price 66,000 baht

Price 49,000 baht

Price 77,000 baht

VIP numbers


Price 350,000 baht

Rent 7,000 baht / month

1-2 Call VIP

Price 10,000 baht

Price 10,000 baht

Price 15,000 baht
VIP Numbers

Price 99,000 baht

Rent 1,800 baht / month

Price 79,000 baht

Price 4,000 baht

Order number

Price 45,000 baht

Terms ofcredit card payment
40,000-100,000 bahts0% for 4 months
101,000-500,000 bahts0% for 6 months
500,001 bahts up 0% for 10 months

Term of renting
1. Pay in cash 12 months in advance of all renting fee.
2. Needs to use yours credit card to auto-deduct at the end of the months
3. In case you rent and decided to buy during the fist 12 months of renting we will concider it as your down payment you pay the rest of the price by the end of the year then it is yours for life.

4. Company can rent and it is totally tax deductable.

We have buy back guaranteed @ 85 percent of The final price within 3 months